Neo Aeon

by Atra Hora

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“The title Neo Aeon is symbolic... We live in a time of metamorphosis; the world changes around us. It is a very difficult polyhedral process and it cannot be appreciated uniquely. We see a widespread fall of morality and spirituality, a destructive consumer behavior and attitude towards the environment. But it may work differently and promote the formation of an independent person, first of all free from his own fallacies. When the night is dark stars shine more brightly...
For Atra Hora the Neo Aeon single is a new turn in the work. A new face, a new epoch. It is a result of a long and laborious work, so you will be able to fully appreciate it soon. Now we offer you to download our songs for free as always and we are grateful to those who will help us to spread them!”

With Best Regards,
Alextos / Atra Hora


released December 28, 2011


all rights reserved



Atra Hora

Current line-up:
Alextos: Bass, Lead Vocals
Yanis: Guitars, Vocals, Keys
Ermak: Keys
Genrih: Drums & Percussion

2008 - They Go... [Demo]
2010 - Lost in the Depths [Full-length]
2011 - Neo Aeon [Single]
2012 - Via Combusta [Full-length]
2014 - Metahom [EP]
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Track Name: Neo Aeon [Radio Edit]
Turning away
From God and people
Not finding yourself...
You love only your reflection

But look at these empty eyes; the one
You see in the mirror is not you
Hard dark nightmares drift above the town
Like the storm clouds ready to spill

Right behind my eyes...
Lies are everywhere
Lies about all-forgiving love

Come to you friend and look at his eyes
Can you atone his sins with your blood?
While you fight each other
I’ll drink the blood of gods

Far... Behind the horizon
Behind the blue sky
Right behind my eyes...
Left towns
Cars becoming coffins
Empty ruins
Unburied bodies
That’s all we’ll leave
On a way to neo aeon

Look at the sky where the sun and the moon pass their sacred path
Look inside of yourself, where the sun and the moon shine to their liking

Millions of constellations
In you went out
And millions will flare
This is the eternal revival

Do not leave sacred things to dogs;
Do not turn off your way
Dance and you’ll slam the mouth of a lion
And do not come upon thee the vengeance of gods
Track Name: Phobos [German Version]
Aus den dunkelsten Tiefen...
Draus, wo es keine Zeit gibt...
Erzeugte die Angst die ersten Götter...
Kreaturen der Ecken und Kreuzwege...

Allem Menschlichen fremd,
Fließt die Weltraumwindskälte
Aus leeren Augenhöhlen,
Wenn sie dich beobachten...

Sie treten aus Ecken und Schatten heraus,
Stehen, wenn du schläfst,
Ihre Hände über dich faltend,
Deinen Atem trinken

Die Angst erster Götter erzeugte...
Die Schatten kreisen über mich,
Sagen mir etwas,
Verfolgen mich unnachgiebig

Die Angst erster Götter erzeugte kraftloses Schweigen.
Es fesselt mich jedesmal,
Wenn sie über mich stehen,
Mit Augenhöhlen mich anstarren,
Mich stoßen.

Unsere Angst erzeugte den Tod,
Der uns in die finstersten Tiefen mitnimmt,
Dorthin, wo es keine Zeit gibt,
Wo die kalte Weltraumswinde in unseren Augenhöhlen lärmen,
Um später zu vergiesen,
Als wir aus den Schatten heraustreten,
Um einen Blick auf uns selbst zu werfen.

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